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News and Events

2016 AGM

The U3A 2016 AGM is on Wednesday 13th July at 2 pm in the Dunn Lewis Centre, Ulladulla.
All positions will be declared vacant, so volunteers are welcome.
Penny Stein, who has served as Publicity Officer for the past ten years will be stepping down. We will need someone to fill this important, but not burdensome, position

Spanish Tutor Needed

U3A Milton Ulladulla has not had a Spanish tutor for several years. If you are familiar with the language and would be prepared to devote a couple of hours per week to teach Spanish within the U3A program, please contact Chris Graham, Courses Co-ordinator, on 4457 1249.

U3A Tea'n'Talk, 7th May, 2016

U3A Tea’n’Talk


Glenn Kolomeitz


Terrorism, Insurgency and the Rise of Islamic State

On 7th May, 2016

From 3:00 to 5:00p.m.

At the Dunn Lewis Centre

Alley Gallery

The presentation discusses the concepts of “terrorism and “insurgency” from both historical and contemporary perspectives and details how, whilst related in terms of tactics, the concepts are not interchangeable. Excessively liberal use of the terms has proved detrimental to effectively targeting terrorists and insurgents in recent times. The analysis considers both successes and failures in the past and lessons that have and have not been learnt and adopted in the “War on Terror”.

The presentation provides some insight into the domestic counter-terrorism space, drawing on Glenn’s experience as a counter-terrorism lawyer in the NSW Police and as a special operations lawyer in the Regular Army.

Milton-Ulladulla University of the Third Age


U3A is an organisation that provides and presents courses of interest and enrichment for retired and semi-retired people. Course tutors are drawn from the membership. They volunteer to prepare and present their courses and are not paid. No exams are taken in U3A and no qualifications are given.

An active mind and a network of social relationships are two factors known to delay ageing and to promote a feeling of well-being following a working life.

U3A provides opportunities for learning and social exchange, broadening interests and widening circles of acquaintances and social contacts. U3A means University of the Third age, the third age being retirement and consolidation after the first age of childhood and the second age of work and home-making.

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Whale off Narrawallee Beach courtesy of


Most courses take place in the Harry Higgs Room in the Cultural Centre, Milton, between the library and the pharmacy. Some courses take place in the Ulladulla Library, the Ex-servos Club, the Burrill Lake Hall, the Dunn Lewis Centre and in tutors’ own homes. Courses are held from Monday to Friday each for approximately one and a half hours.


Costs are kept low with a $20 annual membership fee ensuring that the member receives the U3A Newsletter and Timetable each term. After that the first course per term costs $10, the second costs $5 and the third and following courses cost nothing at all.

What kind of courses does U3A present?

U3A presents from 25 to 30 courses per term. The content arises from the tutor’s interests. Some courses change from term to term while other courses, e.g. foreign languages, are ongoing. Some examples of courses presented by Milton Ulladulla U3A are:-

Each term on a Saturday afternoon U3A hosts a lecture called “Tea’n’Talk” at the Dunn Lewis Centre. Afternoon tea is served and members have the opportunity to socialise.